Participative Design Service
Let residents map their ideas !

Participative Design

Let residents map
their ideas !

What is it?

Our service let's you create map or 3D model based surveys
to find out what citizens want in the city
For whom?
Architects, developers, city administrations.
Add high-quality data on the needs of residents to the project, prioritize the budget
Museums, universities, parks
Find out what your employees and visitors need on site
Получите наглядное мнение соседей в поддержку вашей инициативы
Transport, medicine,
Consider the opinion of citizens when creating important public projects
How does it work?
1. Select and set a survey tool for your project
2. Get a ready landing page for your project and survey tool. Now residents can leave their ideas / complaints / suggestions on a map or in a 3D model
3. Gather analytics, residents' opinions, territory development schemes
For all project stages
Territory analysis
Collecting answers on the map:
-How do residents use the territory?
-What do they like / dislike about it?
-What would you like to see on the territory?
Arrangement of objects on the map and 3D model:
-Residents can choose and install the amenities they would like to see on the territory
-Inhabitants can participate in the distribution of the budget for the needs of the community
Create an interactive construction site
-Residents can ask their questions about specific objects and territories
Collaborative design and crowdfunding:
-effective development of the territory together with residents
- proactive budgeting
You can already test our service.
Just leave a request and we will send it right away
Projects launched on our platform are
in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Orenburg, Smolensk and other cities
Park in St. Petersburg
The results of a survey of residents in the park on Parnas in St. Petersburg, obtained using our service.
100 ideas received in 2 days
Results of a survey of residents about the historical center of Orenburg

86 ideas
South Primorsky Park in St. Petersburg
Results of a survey of residents about South Primorsky Park in St. Petersburg

183 ideas
Features and price
We have a wide range of tools for a wide variety of tasks and project stages. Start by simply collecting ideas. Walk together to the design, budgeting and comfortable operation of the territory.
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Our Prices
We offer different tariffs and sets of services for your needs
For activists

18 $
for 1 survey, extension of 8 rubles $ / month
12 $ / month
3 months subscription, unlimited surveys
Any survey includes:
Standard survey page. Image gallery, description, interactive map, contact details, documents
Assignment of any categories of marks and routes
Access to uploading xlsx and geojson files with answers, as well as diagrams by gender, age, category of marks for project administrators
To set marks, visitors indicate their e-mail, name, gender, age. Registration via VKontakte is possible
Setting the survey boundary
Likes to marks (vote)
Page in Otmetky includes:

- Your logo
- Project images
- Project description
- Survey form
- Interactive map
- Ideas list
- Contacts
- Documents

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Let residents map their ideas !
Our team
A team of enthusiastic urbanists, programmers and GIS analysts
Nadezhda Gerasimova
Ideologist of the project, urbanist, co-founder, CEO
During her studies and work, took part in more than 10 city workshops on design and architecture and 8 major architectural competitions, some of which brought first place. She worked in one of the European architectural companies (Semren & Månsson), as well as in the best Russian company (KB Strelka). Architect bureau partner
Maria Levchenko
Co-founder, designer
Partner of the YARD architectural bureau, which has awards in prestigious competitions (Golden Trezzini, etc.) and is engaged in architecture and urban design, including the architectural and urban development project "What does Parnas want?". Specialist in participative design
Anton Nikolaenkov
Co-founder, project manager
Partner of the YARD architectural bureau, which has awards in prestigious competitions (Golden Trezzini, etc.) and is engaged in architecture and urban design, including the architectural and urban development project "What does Parnas want?". Specialist in Tactical Urbanism and Wooden Construction
Boris Koveshnikov
A full-stack engineer
Skills: JavaScript, React, Nodejs, Solidity, Blockchain, Tensorflow. Participation in 9 hackathons (Digital Breakthrough, HackGatchina, WhiteNightsHack, etc.), prizes in 6, including a victory in the hackathon, which hit the Guinness Book of Records as the largest in the world by the number of participants
Elina Galimova
Project manager
Student of the Higher School of Economics in St. Petersburg. Studying at the English-speaking bachelor's degree in Sociology and Social Informatics, minor in Digital Economy.
Margarita Kaurova
Urbanist, SMM-specialist
A graduate of the Urban Studies program, Shaninka. She participated in the Open Data Day in Moscow and the hackathon from the Greenhouse of Social Technologies "Spotlight 2020" in St. Petersburg. Assisted in creating a course on public spaces of the Vector online city school. Freelance copywriter editor in Yandex; manager of social and environmental projects in non-profit organization
What is your advantage compared to analogical projects?
First, our service involves creating tools for active discussion, collaborative design and not just filing out complaints or ideas.
Secondly, our product will be inexpensive, simple. Anyone can use it independently to create their own tools. On the other hand it can be implemented to work in state systems.
Why is it important to involve residents in urban planning discussion and placemaking?
Involving citizens in urban planning and design leads to
- quality identification of residents' needs
- awareness of residents, a more serious attitude to the decisions made, and therefore a responsible attitude to the projected urban environment
- initiation or supporting of the local community
- prioritization of project decisions, which means targeted budget spending
- improving the cultural and educational level of youth residents due to demand events

The end result is that people in communities not only have an active voice in the process, but they also become strong partners with all stakeholders of the territory.

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Nadezhda, CEO of Otmetky service
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